FMN Rounded Pin Tail

Model: FMN Pintail

Length: 6 ft 6

Width: 19

Thick: 2 1/2

Tail Shape: Rounded Pin

Volume (litres): 32.6

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 6-8 foot

Wave Type: All wave types

Overall Rating: 7/10

My Feedback:

This board goes well for me in larger, hollow waves. Holds in when it's sucky really well. I wouldn't recommend riding it in fuller conditions under 4 foot as it seems to bog down in these conditions. I'm going to buy this board again in the 2015 FMN model, as it looks to have more ... Continue reading

JS Monsta X

Model: Monsta X

Length: 6 ft 4

Width: 19 3/4

Thick: 2 11/16

Tail Shape: Round Square

Volume (litres): 34.5

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 1-2 foot

Wave Type: All wave types

Overall Rating: 8/10

My Feedback:

Great board for smaller, fuller or sloppy conditions. Turns amazing and powers through fat sections. Does not perform well in larger or suckier waves.   Full Range of JS Models ... Continue reading