Model: DX1

Length: 6 ft 4

Width: 20

Thick: 2 5/8

Tail Shape: Round Square

Volume (litres): 35

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 4-6 foot

Wave Type: All wave types

Overall Rating: 9/10

My Feedback:

This has to be one of the funnest all round boards I've ridden. It seems to flow and connect through turns really well while retaining it's speed. I've surfed it from 1 foot slop up to overhead solid beachies and it seems to handle well in most conditions, but I'd say it would probably ... Continue reading

8’4 gun

Model: Black Hula

Length: 8 ft 4

Width: 19 1/4

Thick: 3

Tail Shape: Pin

Volume (litres):

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 10-12 foot

Wave Type: Point break (reef)

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

My Feedback:

I'm no big wave guy, so when I got this board it freaked me out! It looks like a canoe and I couldn't imagine riding it. But I packed it for a recent trip to Hawaii and it was great. I rode it out sunset mostly. It paddles amazingly but is also easy to transition rail to rail. Obviously ... Continue reading
Black Box 2 boardthought version b

Black Box 2 Round Tail

Model: Black Box 2 Roundtail

Length: 5 ft 11

Width: 20

Thick: 2 7/16

Tail Shape: Round

Volume (litres): 30.6

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 2-4 foot

Wave Type: Beach break

Overall Rating: ★★★★

My Feedback:

I bought this board as a replacement for my 6'0" JS Bullseye as my "allrounder" & it goes really well in most beachbreak conditions up to 4ft. I've ridden it in bigger reef breaks & it didn't feel as good, probably because of the width.  I did find this board a bit stiff ... Continue reading