BOARDTHOUGHT.com is the official surfers forum, providing grass-roots feedback and board reviews from surfers who are in the water every day.

BOARDTHOUGHT.com was established due to a lack of quality and reliable information about how boards really perform, what conditions they are really suited to, and what type of surfer should really be riding them.

We’re mad keen surfers here at BOARDTHOUGHT, and what we found when looking at world-class shapers and the models they produce, was that the details and information available on websites and in surf shops was too generic and doesn’t apply to all surfers.

BOARDTHOUGHT.com fills this gap. It allows surfers the opportunity to share their specific thoughts and opinions on the boards they‘re riding; how good (or bad) they perform, in what conditions the board works well in (and where it doesn’t), comparisons to other boards etc.

This specific information allows other surfers to make the right choice about their next board – to perform better in the water, have more fun, or whatever!

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