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Al Merrick Sampler Review

My Feedback:

The Al Merrick Sampler is a Dane Reynolds small wave step down board. The board has a quiet standard outline in relation to the nose and mid section, keeping volume throughout with a flat deck. This board has a pulled in hip beginning from just above the front fins which is quiet dramatic compared to other small waves boards I have ridden. The rounds square tail is still wide however. This extends or emphasizes the pivot point in some situations (Depending upon where your back foot is positioned). The rocker is this board is low at the front and low at the back with enough tail lift for great releases off the top. This board is very fast and is probably the best board I have ridden in relation to getting over flat sections on a wave, it just glides through. It takes a little bit of getting used to the pulled in hip of this board, especially after riding boards with a wider outline tail, however when you work it out, it is very effective ie, hooking into the pocket on a small wave when your back foot is well forward. The tail is whippy however this can be adjusted with fins. The board performs awesome back hand and forehand with great hold during hooks and release off the top, great to link turns together with a very slight vee concave out the tail.. The board also is good for airs. Another feature of this board is it’s medium to slightly full rails, creating bite in small waves with push. Due to the board turning easy and perhaps being quiet whippy, I use the FCS  2 Gabriel Medina Large template fins. They are a great all-rounder with plenty of flex, hold and release. I found that medium fins were too small for this model and that a lot more power can be put into the board with a bigger fin. I have ridden this board in conditions 1ft to around 5ft and I believe that it is suited to 1ft to 4ft.


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Bob D

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