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Black Box 2 boardthought version b

Black Box 2 Round Tail

My Feedback:

I bought this board as a replacement for my 6’0″ JS Bullseye as my “allrounder” & it goes really well in most beachbreak conditions up to 4ft. I’ve ridden it in bigger reef breaks & it didn’t feel as good, probably because of the width.  I did find this board a bit stiff when I had a set of Jeremy Flores FCS2 Fins in it but once I put a set of FCS2 medium sized Performers it felt really good. Enough speed & drive when you need it but loose enough to throw it around in turns. The only thing that feels a bit strange about this board is it feels heavier than my other boards even though it’s got a standard glass job (4 x 4oz deck & 4 oz bottom) , it is holding up really well with no depressions in the deck so far so maybe that’s a good thing. Overall I’m loving the board for most conditions in the 2 – 4ft range but when it gets smaller I’ll grab my JS 107 & when it gets bigger I’ll drag out my JS Raging Bull.


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Glen Glaister
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