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Bunny Chow Review

My Feedback:

The Channel Islands Bunny Chow is a Jordy Smith model and is probably the best crossover board I’ve ridden so far. This board performs in 1ft to 6ft quiet well. The Bunny Chow has full rails and quiet a thick tail and mid section. This wide point of the board is slightly lower than centre. The full rails and the low wide point make this board very forgiving and allows you to put more power into your turns and float over flat sections and white wash very well. There is a good amount of nose and tail rocker in this board which allows good release of the top and allows tight turns in the pocket and on sucky sections without catching the nose. I find that this board is one of the fastest boards I’ve ridden and there is a lot of drive, allowing you to connect turns with ease. Due to the thickness in the tail area I have noted that the board drives through those crumbly sections, allowing you to put a lot of power in your turns on these sections which sometimes projects you creating more speed.


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Bob D

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