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Love Buzz Review

Model: Love Buzz

Length: 5 ft 10

Width: 19 3/8

Thick: 2 1/2

Tail Shape: Round Square

Volume (litres): 29.75

Fins: Futures

Wave Size: 2-4 foot

Wave Type: All wave types

Overall Rating: ★★★★

My Feedback:

Got my hands on this performance board. It is epoxy with carbon rails and is totally different to any board I have ever tried. The Love Buzz is an all-rounder board, super fast and carries speed very easily. Its medium/flat rocker makes it awesome to paddle and so easy to paddle ... Continue reading

Hypto Krypto

Model: Hypto Krypto

Length: 5 ft 4

Width: 19 1/2

Thick: 2 3/8

Tail Shape: Rounded Pin

Volume (litres): 27.23L

Fins: FCS

Wave Size: 2-4 foot

Wave Type: Point break (reef)

Overall Rating: Excellent Board

My Feedback:

the Hypto Krypto is a fantastic all round board. It performes well in all surf conditions, from sloppy small beach breaks to fast hollow barrels. my favourite condition to surf it in would be big open faces as it enables me to draw big fast flowy lines. Although as this board is ... Continue reading