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DFX JF review

My Feedback:

This board is a Jack Freestone model and is a performance short board. This board is extremely responsive, probably the most responsive board I have ridden so far. The tail on this board is slightly pulled in yet wide enough to be forgiving and controlled allowing for a lot of release off the top. The wide point in this board is centre or slightly forward of centre making it surf well off the back and front foot respectively. The rocker is around the medium mark for the nose and has good tail lift for release and pop. The rails are medium to full with a lot of thickness through the centre of the board. This board has a lot of flow and makes transitions between turns quiet well, allowing you to keep speed easy. The single concave in the board is great for doing tight turns in the pocket of the wave. I find that this board performs excellent on my backhand, it is easy to throw up and put power into your backhand turns whilst keeping your speed. The board goes well over flat sections of the wave however, it is probably not the best groveler as it is a performance board. JJF Futures fins perform well in this board.

Bob D

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