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DHD 99 review

My Feedback:

This board is a high performance short board. This board was voted as the winner of the “Stab in the dark” contest where Julian Wilson tested various clear/blank surfboards with only numbers on them. The winning board happened to have the number 99 on it hence why DHD has released this model (This is why the logos are clear). The board has a nice elliptical/clean outline and looks quiet standard. The rocker is medium in the nose and there is a generous amount of tail kick. The rails in this board are quiet full and there is a good amount of thickness throughout the board. The tail in this board is quiet wide which is more forgiving. This board is very fast especially when there is a bit of push in the wave, it performs excellent when putting turns on rail and bottom turning as the rail holds and the board continues smoothly with speed. This board performs surprisingly well over the flat sections of the wave due to the extra foam in the chest area of the board. I find that the board holds and almost demands powerful turns, even though it can be surfed loosely. This board performs well on forehand and back hand. I would generally use this board when there are long walls, around head height or over. I have used the FCS AM2 and Julian Wilson fins in this board. I find that the AM2 fins make this board extremely drivey and real good on forehand hacks, the Julian Wilson fins are a great all round fin that makes the board more loose off the top that the AM2 FINS.

Bob D

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