Board Review


DHD DX1 JF Review

My Feedback:

This particular board is an ex Jack Freestone board. This board has a good outline and shape with the volume distributed perfectly with plenty of foam under the back foot and under chest, making it good over flat sections and allows plenty of power to be put into turns, especially good for bottom turns. The rails in this board are quiet and forgiving full yet excellent for hold. The board has a medium to aggressive rocker at the front with plenty of tail lift to allow good release off the top and in steep sections. The board is also quiet dependable over the flat sections of waves and generating speed in various situations. I find that this board performs excellent through forehand hacks and turns/airs and also backhand turns, this may be in response to the great distribution of foam. This board has light team glassing making it very light and responsive yet very strong. The tail is wide in this board because the board is wider, this allows for forgiveness when riding backwards and coming out of turns and airs. This board has Futures fins and performs good with the JJF medium fins, making for good speed, release and reliability. This is a great board for beach break conditions however it will be suited to long open face waves where you can do big bottom turns.

Bob D

334 thoughts on “DHD DX1 JF Review”

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