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Dumpster Diver Review

My Feedback:

This Channel Islands board is a Dane Reynolds model. This board is a groveler and a great performance board which can be surfed in anything from 1ft to up to 6ft in my opinion. The board has a wide outline with volume forward of centre. The rails are full and there is a fair amount of nose and tail rocker. The rails allow forgiveness and the rocker allows for tight turns in the pocket and planing over flat parts of the wave. This board is very responsive and controlled, it has a wide tail and carry’s a lot of thickness throughout, allowing you to gain speed fast in small waves and put power into your turns. I find that this board performs very well both backhand and forehand and allows you to get a really good bottom turn in due to the rails making your turns very controlled and flowing/forgiving. This board holds it’s speed through turns and flat sections. In regards to it’s responsiveness, the tail rocker allows a lot of release on the top of the wave and I think that this is complimented by the wide round square tail allowing more looseness and control in critical situations. I find that the Futures Rob Machado fins are excellent in this board with their flex, promoting speed and flow in the board.


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Bob D

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