Board Review


Fred Stubble Review

My Feedback:

My Custom Stubble has a slightly wider outline with a concave in the bottom of the board. This board has went great in all conditions from sucky beach breaks to fat waves, also went great out on the reef.  This Stubble went great in small waves from 1-4ft, I took it out when the waves were over head height and the board was super fast but also a little too skatie.

I found this board is perfect for beach breaks where the waves are from 1-4ft, great for carving around as it is skatie, easy to paddle. I tried both fin set ups, I preferred using the quad set up using FCSII AM2 fins, they seemed to help me get my turns tighter and gave me much more speed. I wouldn’t recommend this board for when the surf is overhead.


Full Range of Channel Island Models


Jess Relf

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