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Girabbit Review

My Feedback:

The Girabbit is a Jordy Smith model by Channel Islands. The board has full rails and a wide tail. There is a good amount of tail lift and nose rocker. This board allows you to put a lot of power into your turns and generate a lot of speed. The wider tail is more forgiving in this board and also makes executing turns easier. The tail allows more control when turning on white wash sections and also makes coming out of reverses and airs better. The full rails are also quiet forgiving making the most of your power throughout your turns. It also makes linking turns on this board really good. The tail rocker on this board is excellent for release off the top, extremely responsive and controlled board. Throwing the tail off the top is not an issue and with the wider tail, off the top turns are more controlled. The healthy amount of nose rocker makes turns in the pocket precise and flowing. This board goes in anything from 1-2ft to 6 ft plus. This board likes hollow waves with open faces however is a good all rounder. This board also plains over flat sections surprisingly well due to the wider outline and full rails. The best short board I have ridden so far.


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Bob D

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