Board Review


Hypto Krypto

My Feedback:

the Hypto Krypto is a fantastic all round board. It performes well in all surf conditions, from sloppy small beach breaks to fast hollow barrels. my favourite condition to surf it in would be big open faces as it enables me to draw big fast flowy lines. Although as this board is a good allround board i ride it in most conditions. The high level of volume under the chest and the minimal rocker help the board paddle like a dream.

I ride the board as a 5’4 which is a little smaller than my normal board size which is generally 5’9. I normally ride Future fins but this board i got as FCS, which seems to work really well with the FCS2 Performer fins.

The pinched rails help to keep the board connected to the wave and give speed when surfin rail to rail.

The Hypto Krypto is a fantastic all round board that will be taken all around the world with me!!!!

Jack Kay

36 thoughts on “Hypto Krypto”

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