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JS Air 17

My Feedback:

I bought the JS Air 17 as a bit of a step up for when the waves get a bit bigger & cleaner than our normal beach break conditions & it’s definitely a more high performance board than my Black Box 2 when the waves get good. The narrower tail & medium rocker make it a lot more responsive & it handles steep take offs with ease. I’ve ridden it in waves from 3ft up to around 6ft & the bigger & suckier the waves got the better it went. I can’t wait to try it at some of our local reef breaks when they start firing or taking it to Indo later on this year as I think it will suit these sort of waves really well. I felt really comfortable paddling into anything & never felt like it would skip out on bottom turns. I’ve got a set of Medium Al Merrick fins in it at the moment & they feel perfect for me, with the right amount of drive & looseness. The JS Air 17 might not be what you want under your feet when the surf is small & gutless but it will definitely allow you to make the most of the surf when conditions turn on.

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Glen Glaister
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