Board Review


JS Hippee review

My Feedback:

This board is said to be a small wave performance short board. I find that this board performs well in small 1-2ft surf up to around 5-6ft. The board has a somewhat wide outline with full rails and slightly flatter rocker that in other performance boards. Although the rocker in this board is flatter that other performance short boards, I find that there is a good amount of tail rocker to allow maneuverability in the pocket of the wave and release off the top. The wide point of this board is slightly forward of centre which makes generating speed in small waves easier. The fuller rails and extra volume towards the nose make this board very forgiving. The wide tail on this board is very good for control and executing your turns (riding backward). I noticed that this board is quiet drivey and good down the line for speed. I find that this board performs best in flat waves and some sucky waves. Due to the flatter nose rocker, it can get caught in the sucky sections of the wave (nose dive) easier as oppose to boards with higher amounts of rocker so choose your turns in the pocket wisely on sucky waves. However the tail rocker does assist with tight turns in the pocket. The board planes very well over flat section as per it’s design. This board is a very smooth board and it’s design makes transitioning with your turns quiet well, I find that you can come out of turns with speed and into the next one (depending on the wave obviously). I found that the FCS AM2 fins were very good for this board allowing enough fin to push off the get speed but also allow release due to the smaller centre fin. This is an excellent board for all round beach break/point break surf however I’d grab something with a bit more rocker for the hollow stuff.


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Bob D

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