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JS Industries Monsta Box Surfboard Review

My Feedback:

This is the relatively new model from JS Industries, incorporating two of the most popular models from the past couple of years; the Blak Box and the Monsta.  It’s a hybrid of a really high-performance board. 

The board is one of my favourite all-round performance shortboards.  It has more than ample speed and flow in average everyday conditions and also feels right at home in punchy, larger and more critical surf. 
Volume wise, its got 3.5 litres more then what I usually ride, and even though its not under-gunned in larger conditions, I’ve found it to be an easy step-down when looking to ensure I have the right small-wave performance board.
It’s a straight PU composite, sits nicely in the water and is at its most comfortable in 3-4 ft beach breaks.         
Marc in het Panhuis
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