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JS Monsta Box Review

My Feedback:

The JS Monsta Box is a small wave performance model. The board has a somewhat straight and gentle outline, the wide point being fairly central. The tail is wide however pulled in enough to create a great balance of responsiveness and forgiveness. This board has a low to medium entry rocker and a low tail rocker. This creates lots of speed in flat sections of the wave. The tail rocker is such that it also allows plenty of release as there is a small amount of lift. The rails in this board are medium. The rails are close to the perfect cross between forgiveness when turning and hooking in and holding rail in carves. I find that the tail in the board is a great width to push of and put power into turns. I think that this board is excellent at flowing and linking your turns together due to the great balance between rocker, rails and a wide point that allows for both surfing off the back and front foot respectively. This board performs well in open face waves and also small quick critical sections. Good board for a wide range of everyday waves and a go to board which is reliable in up to 5-6 ft. I have used the FCS 2 AM2 medium fins which is great for hold and release off the top.


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Bob D

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