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Love Buzz Review

My Feedback:

Got my hands on this performance board. It is epoxy with carbon rails and is totally different to any board I have ever tried.

The Love Buzz is an all-rounder board, super fast and carries speed very easily. Its medium/flat rocker makes it awesome to paddle and so easy to paddle into waves fast, it also gives you so much speed and makes it easy to get around sections. I was concerned how this board would turn but the medium lift in the back end of the board allows it to turn very easily. Ive been using John Johns fins and they are feeling sick with this board.

Id recommend this board to anyone, it is great in all conditions and goes great from 1-6ft waves.

The only negative about this board is as its and epoxy and floats so well that when the wind is onshore and the surfs quiet bumpy its extremely hard to surf, you will hit every bump. I save this board for clean conditions.

Jess Relf

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