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My absolute favourite board at the moment for beach breaks. I have ridden it in up to 4 ft, and it works even in the tiny stuff!!! 

It is fast and paddles like nothing else I have ridden before. It works both as thruster (FCS PC-5) or as a quad (FCS GMB-5), but I prefer it as a quad as it gives me more down the line speed (which I need if I want to have any chance on setting up a turn). The wider nose gives me more stability on take-off (but only on slightly fatter waves). The combination of rolled deck and rounded tail works very well. The board is stable, yet maintains a good degree of looseness and manoeuvrability. This ensures that even a surfer of my limited ability can do re-entries, forehand and back-hand cutties on this board. I find it to respond well to grabbing the rail on the steeper take off on either my front or backside. If you are an experienced surfer of my height and weight I would recommend reducing the length to 5’ 10” and volume to about 26 liters. 


I liked it so much that I have an exact copy sitting in the garage!


Marc in het Panhuis
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