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“Super” Whip

My Feedback:

I only recently started riding Super’s in the past 12 months and have been loving them. Usually on the “Toy” model for smaller grovel waves but this model “The Answer” I have found to be the answer to any kind of fun beach breaks up to 4ft. It has that perfect kind of rocker width thickness combination for fun little beach break waves, glides over any little bumps and lumps or slow sections but then comes alive as soon as a section rears its head or a nice pocket allowing you to rip one off the top with nice tail release while still holding in and keeping control.

As far as fins go I have been using the Fin S system and the medium Tokoro fin model for an all round performance fin that fits in perfect with this board model.

I would definitely recommend this board as the perfect all rounder!


19 thoughts on ““Super” Whip”

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