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V2 Shortboard Review

My Feedback:

This board is said to be an excellent all round performance short board and sighted as being a good board to transition from a groveler to a short board. The board has a pulled in tail and quiet an elliptical outline with no dramatic features. The wide point is around the centre or slightly below centre of the board. The board has a somewhat staged rocker with enough tail lift and slight to moderate nose lift. This board is fast off the mark and quiet smooth. I found that this board did not perform as well as others especially in the critical sections of a wave. The board is quiet flat through the front half and I found myself catching rails etc. The board planes well over flat sections but due to the narrower tail I found that it did not have too much control in certain situation such as coming out of big turn in the foam etc. This board takes a while to get going and is a bit hit and miss in my opinion. The rails are what I would consider low to a conservative medium and this makes surfing smaller waves more difficult that other short boards with full rails. I used this board with Julian Wilson FCS fins and AM2 fins and found that both perform for this board. A positive feature of this board is the excellent and strong glass job. This is the strongest glass job I have ever had on a surfboard. 

Bob D

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