Board Review



My Feedback:

–  goes in anything from flat to 5 foot

– super quick and responsive – the carbon strapped EPS combo makes it super lively

– has both thruster and quad option (went best personal for me as a quad, gave it more speed and drive)

– combined with the EPS manufacturing and the increase in volume (then my usual shortboard) it had plenty of ‘float’ and was easy to get going in small junk.

– the swallow and channel bottom combo allowed it to hold on, in punchy 4 foot surf and it loved to get on rail on forehand carves due to these factors. The swallow tail also allows for direct and square surfing off the bottom on backhand

– my go to board in under 3 feet in all conditions and will be a main stay in my quiver for years to come.


Geoff Latimer

13 thoughts on “zappy”

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